Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Wild Jungle of Insects!!

Here is what I did with the year 6's for Media studies.

I had so much fun.

Our theme was insects, I was a wild Butterfly flying everywhere.

Miss G taught us some moves to use and we also made up some of our own. It was really easy and fun!

I hope you all enjoy....................

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Room 6 assembly

As the bell rang for the assembly, frills were suddenly running up my back. The whole school's feet were stomping like wild elephants.Yay! It was time for our assembly, our virtue was ''Responsibility,'' The whole school lined up in their classes.

Grace played the virtue song while the rest of the classes were entering the door. A video featuring Fetuli and Waterlily introduced our assembly and Waterlily started with a beautiful prayer.''Off to you room 6'' said Fetuli.

Tokilupe's group started their mini play. WOOHOO! it was my groups turn. Our display was about working together,playing with a bouncy ball. The plays were really cool. Sione's play was the funniest because, Sione played as a grandma with blue glasses pulling Francis's hair. The whole school were laughing as hard as they could.

Emmanuel nicely asked Mr Coakley and Mrs Pole to give out the certificates and caught being goods awards.Mrs G stood up and was saying to the whole school that phrases group made a fire wise film which they entered for Studio 2. The whole school watched and all enjoyed it. Yeah! we finished our assembly just in time for BIG lunch. I hoped that our school will show RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome everyone to my Blog!

Hello World! Welcome to my Blog,
My name is Dorothy and I am year 6.
I hope everyone will read and watch what I have done so far.
You will be watching some movies and reading some of my work from throughout this year, I will be putting alot of things onto my blog.
I will be hopping that the whole world will enjoy. Please kindly leave comments. I am glad to have this blog, I have been trying so hard to get a blog