Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reflect, Recount and Hope

One of the best things that happened in term 3 was making ice-cream for the first time. Other groups were waiting patiently at their desks with their group till it was their turn.

‘Yippee!, it’s our turn now’ said, Emelia and I. Miss G chopped a big scoop of creamy vanilla ice-cream for the base. Our group had the most sweets in our bags because we know heaps of children loves sweet lollies.

Every group had to have a logo, a poster, a company name, an interesting flier and a short advertisement to show room 3. It was a great experience for everyone.

It was a cloudy and a bit rainy afternoon, as my family and I went out bowling. It was a very bumpy ride because of the rough concrete. We got there just in time as the rain was falling down to the ground.

It was over $74 to pay the whole family. We were in section 3, whoops my shoes were really slippery, oh cool, I saw my sister nearly doing the moon walk.

There were different coloured bowling balls, luckily I nearly dropped a ball down to my toes, but thankfully didn’t. The green ball was the heaviest.

I started off bowling with a pink bowling ball and only knocked down 9 pins and missed 1. Everyone had 10 turns bowling and the winner was my mum. Boohoo! at least I tried my best for the first time and got one strike.

On our way home I smelt Burger King, I asked my mum if we could have some for our lunch. Yay! she said ‘yes’.

My future in term 4 is to achieve good levels in my AsTTle tests and hoping that no one will distract me in my learning and I wouldn't distract them.

I also can’t wait till we go to the zoo with the year 6 to year 1, because we are learning more about animals habitats and know what food they really eat.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


R- remember to show RESPONSIBILITY.

E- each person should always look after their school equipment.

S- share all the time.

P- pay attention to your school work.

O- obey your teachers and parents.

N- never give up.

S- stop look and listen.

I- it’s always good to set and achieve good goals.

B- be responsible for your learning

I- introduce new people to our school.

L- love and learn at the same time.

I- if you have a fight look away and remember RESPONSIBILITY.

T- tell the truth.

Y- you should always be ready for school