Friday, June 22, 2012

Room 7 Times News Report

In Room 7, we work in groups to create either a radio, t.v, or newspaper report on our learning. My group chose to do a newspaper report. 
Every week we get together to reflect and share our learning. 
It keeps us busy and focus during the week. It is always great to share our learning with the class. We have to know what we are learning, and how we know that we have learnt something.

My first basketball experience !

“Yay finally!, it’s time to play basketball”. I couldn’t wait to play. It was Room 7’s first experience of basketball on a lovely Tuesday morning. Rush, rush, rush everyone rushed in a messy line to the courts.

“Good morning” said a tall man. He was Coach Bruce. He introduced himself and said he was from New York. Woow, I could recognize it from his voice.

The first skill I learnt was how to dribble the ball. It was challenging for me. I kept losing the ball. But at the end I got better and better.

Everyone split into four groups then played a little game. It was a fun game. The four groups had a coloured cone. My group had a red cone. All the coloured cones were spread out. Everyone had to run and dribble the ball to turn their cone around without stopping, back and forth. I had heaps of fun but it was still really hard. “Phew!” I was sweating and puffing.

“Stop, times up!” yelled Coach Bruce. Ohhhh, I had a lot of fun and didn’t want it to end. It was a awesome, new experience. Everyone left the courts and saw Room 6 on their way. Yay I couldn’t wait to come back next Tuesday for another fun experience. What an experiment!

Alone at home !

It was a cold, late night as my mum left home to buy dinner. I stayed home with little brother, George. Mum said not to answer the phone or the door, so I didn't.

I walked to the lounge and watched t.v. It was a horror movie with people running everywhere, I was too scared to even watch it. I then wondered where little George will be, so I crept upstairs with fear. A loud bang had frightened me as I tiptoed quietly.. “George, George, I yelled! Where are you?”.  Suddenly I heard a weird noise. It scared me to death. George yelled for help so I tried walking quickly trying not to make a sound.

“George what was the matter?” said his big sister. “There’s a spider in my room!” yelled George. I was relieved that he was okay. I looked at the spider and thought it was real. But it was just a toy spider. “C’mon George let’s go down stairs” I said.

Squeak, squeak went the stairs. We both walked down together as we heard a loud knock on the door. I was hoping it was Mum. Knock, knock. “Who is it?” I called out. It’s Mum. Yay, mum eventually came home after a terrible experience. I then gave her a big hug and whispered not to leave again.