Friday, March 9, 2012

What I've learnt during maths!

This week during maths I've been interpreting data from different types of graphs.
Today Room 7 and I had to draw 5 types of graphs. One of the graphs, was a stem-and-leaf graph.
I collected data from Room 7's birthday's.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Our Mass of 2012, Term 1.

Last Friday was a special occasion for St Pius X school. It was our first opening mass for 2012, Term 1. This is what we do as a catholic school. The mass was special event as the teachers got blessed by the whole school at the end. I felt lucky to have such great teachers at our school.

During the mass, Ofa beautifully read the first reading. I learnt to not loaf around, and
should concentrate on my school work to achieve my goal. I read the collect prayer. I honestly was proud to read a prayer as the first mass.

The offer tory was brought to the alter by the teachers. It was lovely to see the teachers doing the offer tory for the 1st time. They each brought lovely candles. At the end of the mass I saw Parents and grandparents at our mass to support us. Also young children from the playgroup. They all had big beautiful smiles on their faces. To finish the mass everyone sang a song. It was a great way to start of the year.

Class, by class walked to their classroom. I felt happy and was prepared for another learning day. What a mass!