Friday, September 7, 2012

Musical Evening 2012

Performer - Room 2
I was so scared. It was my first time to sing in front of a huge audience. I stood there on stage as everyone made the sign of the cross. I tried my best to calm myself down, but I couldn’t. Everyone’s big sparkling eyes were staring right into mine.

It was my turn to shine. I sang our opening prayer which gave everyone a big smile. As I sang the verse, Room 2 began to play the xylophones. I tried to sing with all my might.  I think I did my best.   When I sang the verse for the second time, I was actually enjoying  myself and pretending I was by myself in a big meadow and beautiful daisies all around..

I was so relieved that the song was almost over.  I had a BIG smile on my little face.   Everyone started clapping and cheering. 

We finally ended with a bow and walked off stage, wishing to have another chance to perform!! 
By Dorothy