Monday, April 4, 2011

The New Zealand national team

The New Zealand national team is known as the Silver Ferns, represents International netball. The team take their nickname from the Silver Tree Fern (Cyathea dealbata), which is an iconic emblem for many New Zealand sport teams. The Silver Ferns were formed in 1938 as a representative Netball team to tour Australia. To date, they have been one of the most dominant national netball teams in the world, along with the Australian Diamonds and have a winning record against most other netball nations. The Silver Fern netball team coach is Ruth Aitken and their assistant coach

The Silver Ferns compete annually in a home-and-away test series with Australia, and also play test matches with other major netball players, including England and Jamaica, on a regular basis. The have competed at every Netball World championship since its inauguration in 1963 and in every commonwealth Games since netballs inclusion in 1998. The silver ferns have won the Netball World Championships four times (in 1967,1979,1987 and 2003); they are also the reigning.

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