Wednesday, November 2, 2011

World War 2

..September 1939..
My family-that is me, my parents and 1 brother lived in an apartment in moorpark street. Other parts of moorpark were richer, with bigger houses, but I still liked where we lived. It was friendly. Mothers had to invent planes and weapons. Us children worked at the farms, milking cows to drink.
It was 1939, WW2, the Germans were invading England. In those days vehicles weren't invented. So we wrote letters to each other. People didn’t have that much food than others.

A month later, It was time for all the Fathers, brothers and uncle’s to go and attack their enemies. My brother and I stayed with a friend named Robertanna. She had beautiful brown eyes and was a generous girl. I was very sad, that my father wouldn’t survive.

As the men from war arrived, we were looking for our fathers. But some didn’t survive, just like mine. I cried every night. I stayed with Robertanna for awhile. She was hideous, tall and fat and was the kindest person.
I hope that my Dad will R.I.P...

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