Thursday, April 5, 2012


My 2 days at St. Francis centre was a wonderful experience. I have learnt a lot of leadership skills. I also learnt to not be afraid and stand up for myself.

As I lit my first candle, I prayed for the year 8’s to receive God’s direction on our new journey.
So we can become great confident leaders, at our school.

The 1st day of retreat was amazing! My highlight was making our ark. We studied the story of Noah and the ark. The year 8’s got their buddies and each got a bag, of twigs, paper, cardboard, plastic paper and fake money. Lisi, Robertanna's aunty had the tape. We had to buy it off her. Lucky, I had $65 in my bag. We started making our arks. I was with Angelica and Ilaisaane. We had to put 3 stones in our ark, so we tried making it big to balance it.

Well guess what? When we finished everyone went to the fish pond and our one sank first! That was unexpected. I expected it to stay on the top. Well it didn’t. We saw who’s ark was still floating. Actually the small, light arks were floating. I think our one sank because it was pretty heavy. Do you know who won? Well I’ll tell you, It was Lavinia’s team, Zephaniah, Rolland and Siu’s team. “Congrats” said everyone, who lost!

I had the best of fun spending time with the year 8 students and enjoyed every bit of it

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