Friday, June 22, 2012

My first basketball experience !

“Yay finally!, it’s time to play basketball”. I couldn’t wait to play. It was Room 7’s first experience of basketball on a lovely Tuesday morning. Rush, rush, rush everyone rushed in a messy line to the courts.

“Good morning” said a tall man. He was Coach Bruce. He introduced himself and said he was from New York. Woow, I could recognize it from his voice.

The first skill I learnt was how to dribble the ball. It was challenging for me. I kept losing the ball. But at the end I got better and better.

Everyone split into four groups then played a little game. It was a fun game. The four groups had a coloured cone. My group had a red cone. All the coloured cones were spread out. Everyone had to run and dribble the ball to turn their cone around without stopping, back and forth. I had heaps of fun but it was still really hard. “Phew!” I was sweating and puffing.

“Stop, times up!” yelled Coach Bruce. Ohhhh, I had a lot of fun and didn’t want it to end. It was a awesome, new experience. Everyone left the courts and saw Room 6 on their way. Yay I couldn’t wait to come back next Tuesday for another fun experience. What an experiment!

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