Friday, June 22, 2012

Alone at home !

It was a cold, late night as my mum left home to buy dinner. I stayed home with little brother, George. Mum said not to answer the phone or the door, so I didn't.

I walked to the lounge and watched t.v. It was a horror movie with people running everywhere, I was too scared to even watch it. I then wondered where little George will be, so I crept upstairs with fear. A loud bang had frightened me as I tiptoed quietly.. “George, George, I yelled! Where are you?”.  Suddenly I heard a weird noise. It scared me to death. George yelled for help so I tried walking quickly trying not to make a sound.

“George what was the matter?” said his big sister. “There’s a spider in my room!” yelled George. I was relieved that he was okay. I looked at the spider and thought it was real. But it was just a toy spider. “C’mon George let’s go down stairs” I said.

Squeak, squeak went the stairs. We both walked down together as we heard a loud knock on the door. I was hoping it was Mum. Knock, knock. “Who is it?” I called out. It’s Mum. Yay, mum eventually came home after a terrible experience. I then gave her a big hug and whispered not to leave again.

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  1. Well Dorothy I almost got scared but luckly it was your mum... I really liked your writing it was stuck in my brain and I never forgot about the big loud knock at the door. Keep the good work up and may you have many other stories to tell on your blog. Good Girl Dorothy