Friday, September 10, 2010

A Beautiful Day On A Sunday

On an early Sunday morning I was watching the sky waiting till it was 10:00am for church. It was time for my sister and I to get ready. The clock struck 10:00am. I was walking to church and I saw Robertanna and Agnes.

Wow! The hall was full of people crowded like there was a party going on. I ran as fast as I could to my class. Just in time to start the mass. Seini. S started off saying good morning to everyone. Up we stood singing “As we Gather.”

Father Iosefa then started off saying the sign of the cross in Maori. We sat back down and a few people said prayers like prayers of the faithful. A couple of songs were sung too.

Parents stood up to say a few words and recieved beautiful pink flowers from helping our school. They looked beautiful and they deserved getting them as they did something really good helping our school.

The bread and wine we ready and we walked up to the alter.

Everyone went outside when the mass was finished. ‘Mmmmm’ I smelt delicious food. I bought Panikeke’s and hot Sausage Sizzle. I played on the playground for a while with Angelica, Fetuli and Emelia.

Oh no it started spitting. I said goodbye to my friends then ran home and headed straight to the shower.

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