Thursday, September 2, 2010

Talent Quest

Hooray! It’s time for talent quest, people were changing so quickly in the corridor.

Wow! A’leina and Sia were going to be performing a Samoan dance. They had white feathers in their hair. Miss G and Mrs Pole thought there was a chicken running past the corridor laying eggs but it actually was A’leina’s feathers in her hair. Emelia and Robertanna were getting ready too, to do their amazing Cook Island HULA HULA.

Now it was time to be in the hall watching people dancing, singing and playing instruments.

STOMP STOMP! Simone, Justice, Angelica and Grace when up onto the stage to do their performance. They did a pretty good job. Next was Sia and A’leina. “CHAHO!!!” Sia shouted. They were cool and I loved it.

Robertanna and Emelia stood up and went up to the stage. Everyone shouted “YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!”. Robertanna and Emelia kneeled down onto their knees. Away the music went and Robertanna and Emelia started shaking their bottoms off. I shouted “GO ROBBIE!!!”. Some of her family came and put money on them.

After they finished it was time for a different subject........a little bit of singing was in order. Latai, Rachel and Hifo were singing ‘Lean On Me’. Oh how sad, Latai starting crying with her dripping tears falling down. Everyone felt sorry for her so we all sang and clapped along. They played the ukelele so beautifully that it made me want to hear more.

“Go Moli’s team” we all shouted. Cool they were doing a dance to a remix. Only 7 of them were dancing. Some of the audience were dancing around too and singing. Awww! my ears hurt when the loud music and their feet were stomping wildly like animals, but was still cool. Next was Malia by her self performing ballerina moves.

It finally finished off with Mr Coakley saying a speech. We all cheered for all of the performers and headed straight to class to eat our fish n’ chips with
our soul friends.

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