Friday, September 3, 2010

The Iron Brian BBQ Road Show!

It finally started off with music playing and student’s standing up being crazy animals. A lady called Sarah introduced herself to everyone and said she was playing hide and seek with Iron Brian. She also asked if we saw him, but we all said “no”.

Boo! Iron Brian popped out, “Hey, everybody”, "hi" I shouted. Iron Brian waved and danced everywhere. Sarah said “where were you hiding?” to Iron Brian. Iron Brian said he was hiding in the toilets......ewwwwwwww, the girls toilets.

Mmmmm, yum! something smelled delicious, it was burgers - my favourite. There was going to be questions being asked, presents given out, dancing competitions and much more. First there were pictures flipped over by Sarah. There was a picture called ‘meat and meat alternative, fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy products and lastly bread and cereals.

We all shouted out what it said on the huge board of vitamin +c and minerals. Iron Brian said he smelled something stinky and horrible, Sarah thought it was his socks he said “maybe your right I haven't washed them yet!”. Iron Brion said to everyone “who needs Iron” and we all shouted “everyone in the whole entire world”.

There was questions asked by Iron Brian and even answers by the audience. There were prizes like slap bands and sacks of balls. I got chosen to answer a question. I was so excited and I got the question right, so I won a slap-band.

YAY! there was going to be a dancing competition. Only two people in each class were allowed to dance. The music started so loud, Shaianne was dancing as hard, but the winner was Tokilupe in room 4.

Next was the Iron Brian Boogie. Everyone stood up and joined in, it was actually good exercise.

Iron Brian is so cool, he is a hilarious actor and really loves children. I felt really hungry while the show was on because of the delicious smelling burgers. Iron Brion said there was going to be 2 groups to dances and the winner gets to eat the burgers first. My team danced the Iron Brian Boogie first then the next group. Boohoo! we lost but that was fine.

Mmmmm the burgers were delicious. Miss G took pictures of my friends and I eating together. I had so much fun and I hope Iron Brian will come again to visit our school.


  1. Hi Dorothy

    You have written such a wonderful description of the burgers that I can almost smell them and I am now feeling very hungry!!

    This was really enjoyable to read Dorothy. Your writing is fun to read because you use lots of interesting words to describe things and you also let us know how you felt throughout the Iron Brian performance.

    Thanks for posting this Dorothy, I'm looking forward to reading more :)

  2. Hi Dorothy
    Your description of the visit really helped me know what Iron Brion was like, as I missed his show. It's great that you remember your audience when writing to give them the best picture possible.